February 2021 - Wine & Spirits Magazine

February 2021


Editor’s Note
Winter Comfort


Fined & Filtered

86 the Pivot: In Search of the New Pandemic Business Model, by Jared Hooper

James Symington, 1934 to 2020: A Remembrance by Joshua Greene


News in Brief


Sober Curious? Give Nonalcoholic Spirits a Go, by Chantal Martineau

Book Review

Jamie Goode reviews Harold McGee’s new reference on smell, Nose Dive.


Year’s Best

US Syrah and Rhône Varieties

Wines of the Northern Rhône

South Australia Mediterranean Varieties

Northern Portugal

Mosel Rieslings

Focus On

South Africa Syrah & Rhône Varieties

Piedmont Barbera & Dolcetto

Valpolicella & Amarone

Best Buys at $12 or Less

Editorial Features

South Australia’s Climate Opportunity

Whether native to southern Italy, Mediterranean France or Iberia (yes, Barossa garnacha), alternative varieties are thriving in South Australia. Joshua Greene interviews growers about their remarkable new wines.

Queijo da Serra

Diogo Lópes and Ágata Xavier journey to the Serra da Estrela in Dão to report on Portugal’s greatest cheese, queijo da Serra, and its pairings with the region’s wines.

Dolcetto & Piemontese Comfort Food

What do Langhe chefs and growers drink on family nights at home? Alan Tardi highlights the natural partnership between the region’s cold-weather recipes and comforting dolcettos to match.

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