Domestic Wine Submission Form – Wine & Spirits Magazine

Submission Window for the August 2021 issue

From April 12, 2021 until April 23, 2021

Domestic Focus


Remote Tasting FAQ

If my wines fit within the current regions, how do I proceed?

Please use the online form to submit your wines during the appropriate submission window. You will receive an e-mail confirming which wines to send as well as further delivery instructions within 24 hours.

Why are there multiple submission windows that are shorter than previous windows?

We hope to process as many wines as possible within each focus region. Due to our offices being closed and our temporary tasting protocols, we will need to space out deliveries and tastings. Please submit and ship your wines during the appropriate window as soon as you are able.

What happens to wines that have been shipped and accepted for the previous issues sent before March 2020?

Our team will taste these wines after we are cleared by state and federal mandates and can return to work at our offices. We will taste these wines as New Releases for the first issue in are able to access our offices; they will not incur any fees.

I wanted to submit for a previously-listed focus region but now that focus region is not being considered.

We regret that while our offices are closed to tasting, we can only cover wines as outlined in our focus categories, which may change as we continually reassess how many submissions we can handle.

When can I send wines to the W&S offices again for review?

Unfortunately, we do not know when we will be cleared to be back in our offices. Once we resume normal operations, we will keep you updated on how we will proceed with the next issue’s tastings.