Restaurant Poll 2019

From Burgenland to Cognac with Selden Standard’s Evan Hansen

by Julie H. Case | January 21st, 2019

Evan Hansen was brewing beer in his college apartment when he first got turned on to wine. Today, he’s a founding partner at four-time Beard nominee Selden Standard, where he oversees what has become known as one of Detroit’s most ambitious wine lists.

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Restaurant Poll 2019: From Burgenland to Cognac with Selden Standard’s Evan Hansen

Surprising wines and rising trends in the Motor City.

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Restaurant Poll 2019: Balthazar’s Rebecca Banks on Geeky Champagne and Enduring Trends

Why some wines continue to reign at New York’s premiere French bistro.

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Restaurant Poll 2019: Evan Clagnaz of Del Posto in NYC on the Past and Future of Italian Wines

The sommelier talks about finding value in high-end lists and coming Italian trends.

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