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Wine & Spirits Gift Guide: Books

For your know-it-all friend: Jura Wine with Local Food and Travel Tips For the food-focused nephew whose dream is to attend the CIA: The Slanted Door For those still unconvinced of riesling’s ascendancy: The Best White Wine on Earth For your British grandmother (or hipster neighbor): Sherry: A Modern Guide to the World’s Best-Kept Secret For the obsessive: Liquid Intelligence For the Brooklyn champion: Brooklyn Spirits For a lover of New York’s bar scene: Death & Co For the budding scientist in all of us: The Science of Wine From Vine to Glass For the college roommate stuck on G&Ts with a twist of lime: The Bar Book: Elements of Cocktail Technique For an aspiring photographer: The Essence of Wine For your friend who is a sucker for punishment (or a riesling fiend): Wine Atlas of Germany For your niece who plans to backpack around Italy after graduation: Native Wine Grapes of Italy For the lover of bubbles: Champagne, Illustrated For the Manhattanite who is buying a house upstate: Circle of Vines For the avid gardener: Natural Wine For everyone’s stocking: the 28th Annual Buying Guide: Packed with lists of the Top 100 Wineries of the year, 100 Best Wines and 100 Best Buys that W&S critics tasted over the past year, this is the go-to resource for the next 12 months. Cheers to stocking the cellar and drinking well! ■ This is a W&S web exclusive feature.

Caitlin Griffith knew her future career would entail food and drink when, at the age of six, she munched an anchovy from her father’s Caesar salad thinking it as a small strip of bacon—and was more than pleasantly surprised. While enrolled in New York University’s Food Studies program, she learned the secrets of affinage in the caves of Murray’s Cheese.

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