Sherry: A Modern Guide to the World’s Best-Kept Secret

Last year Peter Liem and Jesús Barquín published the essential wine geek’s guide to Sherry. This year Talia Baiocchi, who runs the drinks site, has put out the essential Sherry guide for the rest of us. First she lays out the facts on what it is, how it’s made and who makes it well, then she details the myriad ways in
which it’s delicious. Purists might be o ended by the idea of Sherry in cocktails, but the cocktails she’s collected from bartenders in the US and abroad open a wild world of saline, palate-whetting drinks. Most essentially, Baiocchi devotes an entire chapter to what to do with the bottles of Sherry you collect: Make some food and drink them. Start with the recipe for almonds spiked with cumin and paprika—stupid easy and addictively delicious with any bottle you have open.

by Talia Baiocchi (Ten Speed Press; $25)

Reviewed in W&S Winter 2014.