Death & Co: Modern Classic Cocktails

Seven blocks south of Booker and Dax, in Manhattan’s East Village, stands a solid wooden door and an imposing host who maintains the no-standing policy at Death & Co. David Kaplan, the owner, and Alex Day, long time bartender and now partner, worked with writer Nick Fauchald to compile Death & Co: Modern Classic Cocktails, an anthology of top hits from the dimly lit, civilized space. The book presents its information in a straightforward manner, with a comprehensive guide to glassware, barware, spirits and tricks of the trade before delving into a collection of recipes (450+) organized first by spirit and then by style of drink. Sprinkled throughout are anecdotes from regulars, lessons on sophisticated imbibing and photos that give such a clear feel for the place and the people that it feels like you’ve scored a key to the inner circle.

by David Kaplan, Alex Day and Nick Fauchald (Ten Speed Press, 2014; $40)

Reviewed in W&S October 2014.