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Succulent Malvasia

The Port of Salina (Courtesy of North Berkeley Imports)

Nino Caravaglio farms 37 acres of malvasia di Lipari vines on the island of Salina, using a selection to make this rich, succulent wine. He leaves the juice in contact with the skins for a brief period to pick up a deep copper hue and dense, chewy texture; that maceration also builds intense aromas and flavors of apricot and peach dusted with notes of nutmeg and cardamom. This is an “orange wine” without the bitter flavors that sometimes come with skin contact. Occhio di Terra is fresh and lively, ready to accompany salty cheeses or grilled swordfish.


Caravaglio 2020 Salina Occhio di Terra Malvasia di Lipari

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