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Fresh, Supple Xynisteri

Theodoros Makarounas among his bush vines of xynisteri in western Cyprus (Photo: Stelios Antoniou)

Cyprus is a complicated place—part Greek-speaking, part Turkish-speaking, mostly mountainous (which only makes the right-hand drive cars, a remnant of British rule, that much more challenging). If you start at the coastal city of Páphos, the Makaroúnas Winery is a half-hour drive northeast into the foothills. That’s where you’ll find the vineyard that produced this xynistéri, a local white variety. Theódοros Makaroúnas organically farms his ungrafted bush vines, producing this elegantly ripe and soft white wine. For tastings editor Corey Warren, the wine brought to mind chenin blanc—perhaps because of the lanolin notes girding its center of fall apples, melon and pastry cream. For drinking now, alongside skillet chicken with a creamy lemon-garlic sauce.


Makarounas 2022 Paphos Aerides Xynisteri

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