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The Street Pumas’ London Dry Gin

The Street Pumas, a project launched by New York-based importer PM Spirits, is a line of spirits made for the bartender’s well and for the home bar’s front shelf. The neutral-grain spirit is from Piedmont, redistilled and infused with traditional botanicals in Belgium, then bottled in Jerez under the guidance of Sherry producer Equipo Navazos. This is a wildly aromatic play on London Dry, with notes of key lime, pink peppercorn and mandarin orange sparking the fresh, juicy flavors. It’s perfect in a simple Highball, and makes a fruit-forward Gimlet.

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PM Spirits, NY



is the former W&S Tasting Director turned freelance writer for the Vintner Project.

This story appears in the print issue of Winter 2018.
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