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Casa Magdalena Ron Blanco

Tom Mooney, CEO and co-owner of Oregon-based House Spirits Distillery, reconnected with one of his childhood friends from Guatemala, Luís Fernando Leal, whose family is one of the biggest sugar growers in Central America. Mooney’s team went in to re-vamp the Leal family’s stills at Casa Magdalena, and they’ve partnered in this new rum, a spirit that keeps the integrity of the raw material at a significant volume. It’s a progressive endeavor and the final outcome is affordable and delicious—the flavor comes through in a burst of yellow flowers, grass and paprika, with notes of white chocolate and sarsaparilla a nod toward the small bit of aging this rum underwent in Portland. Have it in a rum punch or a tiki-style cocktail.

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House Spirits Distillery, Portland, OR



is the former W&S Tasting Director turned freelance writer for the Vintner Project.

This story appears in the print issue of Winter 2018.
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