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Stanley’s Wet Goods

It’s just a wine shop, albeit a beautiful one, with high ceilings and a honeycomb of pinewood cubbyholes where the wines rest protected from all the natural light. But your eyes will inevitably stray to the bustling bar, where John Stanley has assembled a crack collection of wine and sake cocktails and seductive glass pours and flights, from “French Whites” to “A Study in Orange.” You can also nosh on conservas, charcuterie, cheeses and snacks. Plus, anything in the shop can be opened in the bar for a $4 corkage fee, making it one of the better wine deals on the West Side.

9620 Venice Blvd. Los Angeles, CA

Patrick J. Comiskey covers US wines for Wine & Spirits magazine, focusing on the Pacific Northwest, California’s Central Coast and New York’s Finger Lakes.

This story appears in the print issue of April 2019.
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