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photo by Karim Raoul

Since 1975, Raoul’s has been known for a few things: celebrity sightings; a tarot reader on the second floor; and a burger, sauced with foie gras, the orders limited to a dozen a day. It’s available only at the bar, so arrive early and belly up. Then ask for the wine list. Andy Newlin, who spent nearly a decade at Per Se honing his wine skills, stocks it with back vintages from names big and small, mostly from France, with some top-drawer domestic selections.

Sarah Sutel Looper has spent more time than most people obsessing over what makes a good all-purpose wineglass, whether it’s been when she worked in restaurants (Blue Ribbon, the Metropolitan Opera House and Mas (farmhouse)) and was W&S' Tasting Director. She is currently working harvest at Brooklyn Winery.

This story appears in the print issue of April 2018.
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