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The old vines of Yangarra
Photo courtesy of Yangarra Estate

Spring frosts in Barossa reduced yields, then hail in late November—in McLaren Vale as well—damaged some fruit. A dry summer included several heat spikes, with temperatures in McLaren Vale rising to 113° F. in late January, and 100° in February. Barossa was also hot and dry, spring frosts and then November hail both having reduced yields significantly. Expect heady, rich reds; the best wines sustained some freshness in the midst of the heat.


The vines were prepared for a hot and dry season by winter rains and a mild spring. While the summer was extremely dry, there were few severe heat spikes. The nighttime temperatures were above average in Barossa, while McLaren Vale reported cool nights in February, with harvest extending long into the fall. There are delicious, bright and lithe wines as well as formidable reds that show classicism and restraint.

Joshua Greene is the editor and publisher of Wine & Spirits magazine.

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