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Barolo MGA Vol. I, 3rd Edition

Map courtesy of Alessandro Masnaghetti

Many publications have gone digital, but there are still some books you need to hold in your hands and browse through frequently, marking up the pages and discovering something new each time you open them. Alessandro Masnaghetti’s Barolo MGA Vol. I is one such book. It became required reading for every serious wine student and Barolo lover the instant the first edition came out in 2018. If you own a copy of the first or second edition, you might think you’ve got Barolo covered—but you’d be missing out. The third edition is not just a revision, it’s a complete overhaul, with 84 more pages than the last edition and coverage of 42 new small producers. The MGA maps are more precise and colorful, and now all oriented with North towards the top of the page. Previous editions included two sets of MGA maps, one section with elevations and expositions, and a second black and white set showing the plots of each producer. In a major improvement, Masnaghetti has integrated the two sets of maps, so that you can find all the information about each MGA in one place, and in full color. Coverage of commune-specific wines has been expanded, with new maps showing the varietal distributions of each commune, and you’ll find far more detail on the vigne. There’s also an expanded vintage chart going back to1967 and an in-depth study of the first vintage produced for all MGAs. Barolo MGA Vol. I, 3rd Edition demands a place on your bookshelf.

Barolo MGA Vol. 1, 3rd Edition, By Alessandro Masnaghetti and Paolo De Cristofaro (2023), $95 plus shipping, available through Rare Wine Co.:

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This story appears in the print issue of Winter 2023.
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