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Oceanic Alvarinho

The Palacio da Brejoeira in Monçao e Melgaço. (Photo courtesy of the winery)

From a 45-acre vineyard surrounding this 19th-century neo-classical palace, Brejoeira is a legendary alvarinho in Portugal, the vineyard established in the 1970s by Maria Herminia da Silva d’Oliveira Paes, though the wine had begun to lose some of its luster as its creator and driving force lingered into her elder years. Now made by João Garrido, Brejoeira hit with the 2022 vintage, delivering the kind of rich, smoky alvarinho that had earned its fame, a wine with the stamina to age. This has tense yellow fruit and the kind of pale, oceanic density that would pair beautifully with fresh crab. Delicious wine, and easy to drink a lot of it.


Palacio da Brejoeira 2022 Monçao e Melgaço Alvarinho

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