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A Graceful, Rich Catalan Blend

Joaquim Bartolomé and Anna Gallisà

Here’s an explosive, complex Catalan red with the best sort of musky stink. At first, it smells a little bit like chorizo, then it continues to generate subtle schist and black-sour-cherry scents, the kind of riveting aroma that makes the wine compellingly drinkable. A floral aspect comes up, light and graceful above the schist tannins that etch a finish that’s potent and deliciously rich. Anna Gallisà and Joaquim Bartolomé blend this wine from all of the varieties grown at the estate’s two properties—one on sediments from the Siurana River with syrah, cabernets sauvignon and franc, and merlot; the other on llicorella slopes focused on garnacha and carignan. Berkshire chef Amy Loveless described the flavors as “warm-in-the-sun blackberries, mouthwatering with grilled lamb.”

Imported by Vinovia, Rancho Santa Margarita, CA


Casa Gran del Siurana 2019 Priorat GR-174

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This story appears in the print issue of October 2021.
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