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Wild Chilean País

The país vines climb into the trees along the edge of J. Bouchon’s vineyards.

Based in Mingre, southwest of Talca and halfway to the sea, J. Bouchon farms 120-year-old país vines in the traditional method, allowing them to grow wild, as vines do, climbing up into the trees at the edge of the vineyard. They make this wine as it would have been made 120 years ago, destemming the bunches by forcing them through the woven sticks of a zaranda, working over a cement vat where the grapes ferment without additions, aging the wine in cement and bottling it unfiltered. It’s a long way to travel from Mingre to Massachusetts, so it was surprising how much life this wine sustained, impervious to the distance from home, continuing to morph and grow with each taste, starting green, with a hint of tomato leaf, turning cool, toward raspberries and the tannins of their seeds, slipping into silky grace as delicious fruit completes the structure of a grand cru of Chile.­

Vine Connections, Sausalito, CA


J. Bouchon 2020 Maule Salvaje País (Best Buy)


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This story appears in the print issue of October 2021.
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