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Volcanic Chilean Pinot Noir

Patricio Tapia tracked the rise of Nuevo Pinot Chileno, looking at clonal selections and some of the winemakers exploring their vineyards’ terroirs. Check it out in our August issue; digital subscribers can also read it here! — the W&S Team

Soils in the Bio-Bío vineyard

Pilar Díaz makes this wine from a vineyard in Rapelco, near Mulchén, where the soils derive from the Andean volcanoes of Chile’s south. It’s a pinot noir imprinted by the cool winds, the plentiful moisture in the soils (there’s no scarcity of rain in this river valley), and particularly by the trumao, the red clay formed from volcanic ash, tuff and lava. It’s a similar tannic character to what you might find in some of the país grown on trumao just to the north, in Itata. Here it elevates the black-cherry richness of pinot noir, the tangy licorice and brisk freshness, completing the wine with that distinctive tannic detail. A fragrant, volcanic pinot noir for grilled quail.

Vias, NY


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