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Vibrant Cabernet

Diana Snowden Selysses

Diana Snowden Seysses makes this wine from a vineyard in the benchlands of the Mayacamas, where the gravelly loam soil retains enough moisture that the vines rarely need to be irrigated. In 2017, the Red Hen Vineyard was owned by the Araujos and farmed by Steve Matthiasson, both of whom were working toward organic certification (now it is owned by Phelps). The quiet grace of this wine makes a strong case for a prime site that warrants careful farming. The voice of the site comes through in woodland scents of purple flowers, cool herbs and a vibrant intensity without weight. It’s ripe rather than fruity, powered by earthy tension, with longevity to its flavors that leaves a lovely, delicious memory after each sip.


Ashes & Diamonds 2017 Oak Knoll District Napa Valley Red Hen Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon

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This story appears in the print issue of December 2020.
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