Imported Wine Submissions

The submission window for the June 2020 issue has closed.
You may, however, still submit New Release wines.

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New Wine Submission Protocol

We are setting out to encourage the greatest participation in our tastings for focused categories, a goal we have been working to achieve since we were founded in 1981. And, we want to continue to provide timely reporting on wines coming into the market. To accomplish these two goals, we are announcing a new protocol that will allow us to continue to serve our readers interests as well as the industry’s needs.

Specific Tasting Focuses

Our Tasting Calendar lists the specific tastings that will be the focus of each upcoming issue for the next two years. Wineries and importers can submit wines that fall within these specific categories within our submission window for that issue without a processing fee.

New Releases, Outside of Focus Tastings

Wineries and importers may choose to submit new release wines outside of those specific categories for our panels to assess, with a processing fee of $20 for each SKU. This processing fee will ensure your wine is tasted by our blind tasting panels promptly.

For questions, inquiries or assistance, please contact the W&S Tasting Dept.

Important Details:

Wine & Spirits Magazine does not have an importer license and therefore cannot provide COLA waivers.
• Any samples sent from outside the U.S. must be cleared through a licensed U.S. importer.
• We are not responsible for shipments held up in customs due to lack of proper documentation.
• Any wine received that does not have the digital submission form submitted will not be tasted by our panels.
• All bottles for submission must be in the condition in which they will be released the market. Please, no tank samples or shiners with handwritten stickers.