Serine, Syrah, Shiraz: What’s in a Name? - Wine & Spirits Magazine

Serine, Syrah, Shiraz: What’s in a Name?

Wineries: E. Guigal, Château Maris, Penfolds
Speakers: Philippe Guigal, Robert Eden & Peter Gago

From the ancient version of syrah grown in St-Joseph to biodynamically farmed vines in the hills of Minervois and classic shiraz from South Australia, the spice of syrah may come under several different names. The best of the wines showcase elegance, with structures for long aging. Three of the world’s most talented syrah winemakers—Peter Gago of Penfolds, Philippe Guigal of E. Guigal and Robert Eden of Château Maris—present their latest releases with W&S Executive Editor Tara Q. Thomas.

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