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Around the World in 40 Wines:
Adventure Calling

For most of 2020, we learned how exhausting it is to stay in one place. Now, our imaginations are alive with the possibilities of small summer gatherings.

To make al fresco gatherings easier, we’ve gathered a list of brands you can count on for good drinking at $20 or less. Each of them has outperformed the competition in our focus tastings over the last 12 months, with affordable wines gaining high accolades. 

Here are 9 of our Value Brands of the Year, matched with a day-trip idea that we’ve been dreaming about, from our June 2021 Edition.

Praia de Matosinhos, Portugal

Why Porto? Its center, girded by a 14th-century wall, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The wines from upriver on the Douro, from the hills of Vinho Verde and the coast of Bairrada, fill the tascas in town. And the beaches of Matosinhos are just a metro ride away—where you can surf in the morning, then dine on fresh seafood from the cold Atlantic at the local restaurants—don’t miss the percebes (goose barnacles) at O Gaveto.  — Joshua Greene

Adega de Monção

Portugal | Vinho Verde

On the steps, at the Sanctuary of Bom Jesus do Monte, outside of Braga.

  • 2019 Monção e Melgaço Adega de Monção Escolha White $10
  • 2019 Monção e Melgaço Deu-la-Deu Alvarinho $17
  • 2019 Monção e Melgaço Muralhas de Monção White $12

Aidil Wines & Liquors, Newark, NJ


Portugal | Vinho Verde

Below the castle, on a stone wall, along an ancient street in Guimarães.

  • 2019 Vinho Verde Loureiro $15
  • 2018 Minho Solos de Xisto Alvarinho $20
  • 2019 Minho Alvarinho $15

Aveleda, Pawtucket, RI


Portugal | Dão

On the terrace, at the Buçaco Palace, after hiking the Via Sacra through the woods.

Tri-Vin Imports, New Rochelle, NY

  • 2016 Dão Reserva Red $17
  • 2017 Dão Touriga Nacional $16
  • 2019 Dão Sauvignon Blanc $13

Coto de Gomariz

Spain | Galicia

On a pilgrimage, watching the estuary birds, in Santiago de Compostela.

P.R. Grisley, Salt Lake City, UT

  • 2018 Ribeiro La Flor y la Abeja Treixadura $20
  • 2018 Ribeiro La Flor y la Abeja Souson $20

Familia Traversa

Uruguay | Montevideo

While relaxing, post hot springs, in Uruguay’s north.

American Estates Wines, Summit, NJ

  • 2019 Montevideo Tannat $12
  • 2019 Montevideo Cabernet Sauvignon $12
  • 2019 Montevideo Cabernet Franc $12


Uruguay | Maldonado

At a cabin, in the Laguna Garzón, with local grilled beef.

Pacific Highway Wines, Greensboro, NC

  • 2020 Maldonado Reserva Albariño $20
  • 2019 Maldonado-Garzón Reserva Tannat $20
  • 2019 Maldonado-Garzón Reserva Marselan $20


Portugal | Dão

In Torre, outside a cheese shop, with a ripe Queijo da Serra da Estrella.

Grape2Glass, Newark, NJ

  • 2019 Dão Evidencia Reserva Encruzado $18
  • 2018 Dão Evidencia Reserva Touriga Nacional $18
  • 2019 Dão Evidencia White $13

Perdeberg Cellar

South Africa | Coastal Region

Before a storm, at Cape Point, seeking shelter.

Terroir Connections, Manhasset, NY

  • 2020 Coastal The Vineyard Collection Sauvignon Blanc $19
  • 2020 Coastal Region Classic Collection Sauvignon Blanc $15
  • 2020 Paarl The Vineyard Collection Chenin Blanc $19

Quinta da Lixa

Portugal | Vinho Verde

On the beach, with sardines, by the cannery in Matosinhos.

Grape2Glass, Newark, NJ

  • 2019 Vinho Verde Alvarinho Loureiro Trajadura $11
  • 2019 Minho Poco Comum Alvarinho $16
  • 2019 Vinho Verde Vinhão $11

Tasca d’Almerita

Italy | Sicily

Sitting on a carved rock, at the Valley of the Temples, in Agrigento.

Winebow Imports, NY

  • 2018 Sicilia Tenuta Regaleali Lamùri Nero d’Avola $18
  • 2018 Sicilia Regaleali Nero d’Avola $15
  • 2018 Sicilia Tenuta Regaleali Guarnaccio Perricone $18

The wines in this newsletter were chosen by our editors, from the 2021 Value Brands of the Year in our June 2021 edition. After our editors made their selections, we offered wineries the opportunity to promote their recognition with a bottle image and brand links.

This story appears in the print issue of June 2021.
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