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The Rhône
from North to South

Tara Q. Thomas recently led blind panels assessing wines from the Rhône Valley, focusing on the south (Châteauneuf-du-Pape, to be more precise) last summer and the north last fall. As always, the panelists were told the vintage and the appellation during the panel, but the wines were judged blind of producer and price.

This Regional Tasting Report is being published in tandem with our report on Rhône varieties in the US, so head on over if you’re interested to see how these varieties express themselves abroad (even as far as Australia). From the archives, you can read Josh Raynolds’s piece parsing the various terroirs of the vast Crozes-Hermitage, represented alongside Thomas’s scores and tasting notes as well as her reports on the latest vintages in the Rhône. So get the lamb saddle marinating in the fridge and start exploring! —Corey Warren



Nord & Sud

Josh Raynolds parses the Northern Rhône’s largest appellation, highlighting the region’s bipolar terroir.


Roast Lamb Saddle with Crispy Bloody Butcher Grits & Spring Greens

Chip Smith, the chef of The Simone in NYC, gives us a decadent pairing for a powerful Rhône red.