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Beyond Grüner

Vienna, the capital of Austria, is also the country’s wine capital. Growers tend historic vineyards within the city limits as well as farther up the Danube in the Wachau, Kamptal and Kremstal. Those legendary regions have long been the focus of Austrian wines on restaurant lists, whether in Vienna or here in the States. But, in recent years, wines from across Austria have been gaining acclaim, from Burgenland to Wagram. Tara Q. Thomas led our blind tasting panels through a deep dive in the talent pool of Austrian producers known and unknown. Here’s what we found. —Joshua Greene


The Long View

This spring, Tara Q. Thomas caught up with Michael Moosbrugger of Schloss Gobelsburg while he was in NY to celebrate the winery’s 850th anniversary, where he shared what it’s like to make wine with a monk’s thousand-year view.

Schloss Gobelsburg’s Heiligenstein


Weingarten in Wien

Wiener Gemischter Satz is a field blend of varieties grown within Vienna’s city limits. It’s a singular wine and Fritz Wieninger’s 2018 Rosengartl delivered the top performance in our recent tastings. Corey Warren recently spoke with Wieninger about his approach to making these historic field blends.


Jumbo White Asparagus

Monika Caha, a pioneer of Austrian food and wine in the States, shares a recipe for spring white asparagus.


At a Watershed

David Schildknecht takes a look at the innovative growers in Wagram and their unique soils.