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February 2018

Wines of the Future

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Editor's Note
Cabernet & Nero: Tales of Two Coasts

Editor’s Note


Fined & Filtered
California’s North Coast housing crisis, by Elaine Chukan Brown


Meehan’s Bartender Manual
, reviewed by Rachel DelRocco


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US Syrah & Grenache
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Mosel Rieslings
Finger Lakes Wines
West Coast Rieslings
Portuguese Wines

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South Africa

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Editorial Features

Destination: Vancouver

Destination: Vancouver

With access to fresh seafood, proximity to local farms and more than 300 local wineries, Vancouver offers some of the most exciting dining around. Treve Ring tours the city’s highlights for great food and drink.

Red, White & Green

Red, White & Green

With all the noise about sustainability these days, Tyler Colman looks at some of the measures that matter.

Mediterranean McLaren Vale

Mediterranean McLaren Vale

Given longer dry spells and higher temperatures, vintners in McLaren Vale are planting alternatives to shiraz. Allison Bart reports on some of their more delicious successes.

Mountain Rescue

Mountain Rescue

David Schildknecht follows the Betterung, a group of vintners bent on reclaiming abandoned vineyards on some of the Mosel’s most terrifyingly steep slopes.

New Wave Cabernet

New Wave Cabernet

Joshua Greene heads to Australia’s Indian Ocean coast to consider what makes Margaret River cabernet sauvignon unlike anything else in the world.