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August 2016

Summertime Greek wine + food

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the unfrequented road


Fined & Filtered
Aged Rosé, by Rachel Signer


United States of Wine: New Jersey
Better known for prize-winning tomatoes, the Garden State is a worthy wine destination, says Stuart Pigott, who profiles vintners worth visiting on a day trip from Philadelphia or New York City.

Eat | Drink Toronto
John Szabo, MS
, on where to eat and drink well in Canada’s largest city.

Snapshots from the W&S Annual Top of the List event


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Summer Sparklers
Portugal White
US Riesling
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Editorial Features

Cinsault Rising

Cinsault Rising

Lebanon, once home to the seafaring Phoenicians, who spread viticulture and winemaking as far as Spain, is now in the midst of a wine renaissance. Jamal Rayyis explores the new focus on Mediterranean varieties.

Bubbles & Bowls

Bubbles & Bowls

When it’s too hot to eat, sparkling wine sparks the appetite. And when it’s too hot to cook? Caitlin Griffith suggests some quick snacks ready for bubbles.

Portugal on the Pacific

Portugal on the Pacific

Tara Q. Thomas interviews chef Manuel Azevedo at Tasca Tasca, his new restaurant o of Sonoma’s town square, where he shares a recipe designed to be washed down with Vinho Verde.

Green Spain’s Last Wine Secret?

Green Spain’s Last Wine Secret?

Patricio Tapia travels to Cangas del Narcea to discover the small but intense world of Asturian wines.