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April 2016

27th Annual Restaurant Poll

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Editor's Note
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Editor’s Note


Fined & Filtered
Restaurants drop the tip, by Rachel Signer


Consider the Aperitif, by Jordan Mackay


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Stalking Coastal Flavors

Stalking Coastal Flavors

Luke Sykora goes foraging for dinner on the Sonoma coast, connecting the flavors of the Pacific with the wines grown nearby.

Finger Lakes Franc

Finger Lakes Franc

Patrick J. Comiskey visits growers producing some of the most compelling cabernet franc outside of the Loire and Bordeaux.

The W&S NYC 50

The <em>W&S</em> NYC 50

Where to eat—and drink spectacularly well—in NYC right now.

27th Annual Restaurant Poll

27th Annual Restaurant Poll

A W&S exclusive report, with perspectives from sommeliers on the wines Americans love best: old favorites and new discoveries that make up today’s most popular wines in top restaurants across the country.