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Z Tequila

From the lowlands of Jalisco comes Z Tequila, a brand started by Pepe Zevada, who spent 30 years marketing spirits before he began producing them. True to the pro-file of lowland Tequila, Z’s Blanco smells vegetal, almost like green chiles, with flavors that run from corncob to citrus and green pepper. That character comes through in the Reposado and Añejo, too, although time in new Canadian oak barrels adds vanilla and spice to the mix. While the Añejo may be the lushest, heading in the baking spice-and-brown sugar direction, for my money, the Resposado is the standout, striking a great balance of maturity and youth.

Spirits Type:



Blanco; Reposado; Añejo; all 40%


Small Imports, Kyle, TX


$30 (Blanco); $34 (Reposado);
$38 (Añejo)

This story appears in the print issue of June 2013.
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