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WhistlePig Farmstock Rye

In 2010, WhistlePig’s founders came out of the gate with tantalizingly smooth and spicy rye whiskey and a great story—they were going to grow their own rye on a farm in Vermont and make a true farm-to-bottle, single-site whiskey. The problem was that the initial spirit was sourced from Canada; their rye wouldn’t be available for years. It’s still not quite ready, but they used their own rye for a fifth of this whiskey, blended with some Canadian and Indiana stock. Vermont and Canada were both aged in native Vermont oak, as well. The result is a delicious—and highly encouraging—debut, fruity, spicy and bright, as rye should be. Whiskey ages slowly in Vermont, so it might be a while until that mature, 100-percent version comes around. But Farmstock is plenty to enjoy while we’re waiting.

Spirits Type:

Rye Whisky




WhistlePig, Shoreham, VT



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This story appears in the print issue of Winter 2017.
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