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Tapatio Tequila

Tapatio, popular in Mexico for 75 years, has finally made its way to US shelves. Made at La Alteña distillery from estate-grown blue agave from the Arandas highlands of Jalisco by master distiller Carlos Camarena, this Tequila is renowned for delivering luscious agave flavor at a great price. The Blanco is vibrant with citrusy, earthy sweetness and roasted fruit scents that follow through in the flavor, plus cinnamon and menthol notes that add complexity. The Reposado is woodier, more mineral and roasted-agave in flavor. A er 18 months in used Bourbon casks, the Añejo emerges pungent with dark-roast agave, brown sugar, lime zest and heavy vanilla tones—but not so much so as to mask complex notes like cacao and dried chile.

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Domaine Charbay Distillers, Ukiah, CA


$33 to $44/liter

This story appears in the print issue of Winter 2013.
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