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Sullivans Cove Tasmanian Single Malt Whiskies

Sullivans Cove whiskies are markedly different than any others. Master distiller Patrick Maguire, a born and bred Tasmanian, seeks to capture the terroir of the island in the whisky, aging them in 200-and 300-liter barrels for 11 years. The Double Cask marries whiskies aged in used French oak Port barrels and American oak Bourbon barrels for a dram that’s sweet and almost creamy, with a lingering flavor of fresh baked whole grain bread; the American Oak Cask goes beyond the expected vanilla hit to offer a grain flavor that goes in a delightful hoppy, almost pilsner direction, while the French Oak Cask is even richer, with spice picked up from Port barrels.

Spirits Type:



Double Barrel, 40%; American Oak, 47.5%; French Oak, 47.5%


Purple Valley Imports USA, Pittsburgh, PA


$99 (Double Barrel); $155 (American Oak); $155 (French Oak)

This story appears in the print issue of Winter 2013.
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