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Stagg Jr. Bourbon Whiskey

Buffalo Trace’s annual release of George T. Stagg Bourbon Whiskey is for those who prefer their liquor older, uncut and unfiltered, with big, bold flavors from the 15 or so years spent in barrel. Stagg Jr. is younger, with only about eight years in barrel, less intense and more affordable than its pa. But don’t let the name fool you: Stagg Jr. is to George T. Stagg what Bam-Bam is to Barney Rubble. This first release is higher in proof than senior, and the heritage and personality are there, with a little bit of punk rock: plenty of rye spice from the mashbill, vanilla, less oak yet plenty of dry spice aromas. Cut it with water and take a sip: It flexes with citrus, apple and wood-roasted coffee flavors. A gorgeous Bourbon made even better by the price, this is a great buy for new and old Bourbon fans alike.

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Buffalo Trace, Frankfort, KY



This story appears in the print issue of December 2013.
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