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South Sea Rum

With abundant sugarcane fields in the far north of Queensland, Australia is the third largest producer of raw sugar in the world. So it makes sense that the country also has a long history of making rum, and one has finally made its way here: South Sea Rum. Like rhum agricole, it’s distilled from fermented sugarcane juice (rather than molasses), but with a curious combination of both pot and column distillation. The result is a spirit with the clean flavors of Puerto Rican rum, but with hints of the sugarcane funk of agricole rums. The aroma has an almost Werther’s Original caramel candy quality, with a little spice and vanilla from the influence of new and used American oak barrel aging. Very light and easy to sip.

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Duggan Distillers Corp., Blauvelt, NY



This story appears in the print issue of February 2013.
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