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Shellback Rums

Humankind can’t live on small-batch rums alone, especially in drinks where the rum is more background than foreground, such as in a Piña Colada or rum-and-Coke. In these sorts of drinks, the new Shellback Rums come in handy. Made in Barbados from molasses and distilled in a combination of column and pot stills, both the unaged Silver and the Spiced varieties smell pleasantly clean, with the silver going in a vanilla-heavy direction, and the spiced more redolent of caramel and cola. The spiced rum in particular stands out for its subtlety, a welcome relief in this category.

Spirits Type:



Silver & Spiced rums, 40%


Grande Antilles Cane Spirits, Modesto, CA


$17 each

This story appears in the print issue of August 2013.
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