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Pür Likör Fruit Liqueurs

It takes 35 pounds of pears to make just three-quarters of a liter of distillate for Pür Likör Williams Pear Liqueur, an intensity borne out in its perfume and its fresh, juicy pear flavor. The Spice Blood Orange liqueur has a good dose of cinnamon and clove flavoring the citrus, in a way that makes it a perfect dovetail to drinks that use sweet vermouth and bitters. Add a nice pour to your Manhattan for a little more orange and spice. These are just two of the six flavors from Pür Likör, a line made by a third-generation distiller in Germany’s Bavaria.

Spirits Type:



Spice Blood Orange and Williams Pear liqueurs both 25%


Braverman, San Francisco, CA



This story appears in the print issue of April 2014.
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