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Lark Distillery Single Malt Whiskies

While enjoying a glass of Scotch whisky surrounded by Georgian buildings, barley fields, peat bogs and the so spring water of the Clyde River in the highlands of Tasmania, Bill Lark wondered why no one was making single malt whisky nearby. The climate and natural resources were all there, so in 1992, Lark opened a distillery. The barley is lightly peat smoked, with both grain and peat harvested in Tasmania. Aged for about eight years in 100-liter used Port barrels, the Single Cask blooms with green pears, brown sugar and pecans, while the Distiller’s Selection leans more rum-like with caramel and walnut sweetness. The Cask Strength, complex with floral vanilla and mineral molasses aromas and full of dark fruit and yeasty flavors, inspires the question, “Why am I just now tasting Tasmanian whisky?”

Spirits Type:



Single Cask Malt Whisky, 43%; Distiller’s Selection, 46%; Cask Strength, 58%


The Marsalle Co., Franklin Park, IL


$150 (Malt Whisky); $170 (Distiller’s Selection);
$220 (Cask Strength)

This story appears in the print issue of February 2013.
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