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Conjure Cognac

I’ll admit that I was skeptical of Conjure, but not because of celebrity Chris “Ludacris” Bridges’ involvement in the project (he personally helps blend it). Rather, it was because of the wild mix involved here: It’s a blend of VS, VSOP and XO Cognacs (made by Birkedal Hartmann) rather than barrels of brandy. And yet, for the price, it holds its own among the heavy hitters in this tasting. The bruléed apple aromas take on elements of almond, violets, vanilla and clove on the palate, evidence of the older stocks in the blend. You can drink it alone, but it’s designed to mix in drinks. Have it in a toddy, or the way Ludacris drinks his, with a splash of cola.

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Branded Wines Import Co., Miami, FL



This story appears in the print issue of April 2013.
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