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C3 Carciofo

Founded by Francesco Amodeo in Washington, DC, Don Ciccio & Figli produces an astonishing line of amari, aperitivi and licori based on recipes Amodeo has adapted from his grandfather and great grandfather, both distillers on the Amalfi Coast. The line is now distributed nationally (by Domaine Select), including the newest product, C3 Carciofo. Based on three varieties of artichoke, cardoons and grapefruit, it’s full of baking spice and sarsaparilla notes, with the slightly bitter, slightly sweet flavor of roasted artichoke brightened by a fl ash of citrusy zest. It’s a natural for an aperitivo with soda and an orange slice or a satisfying post-meal corrective.

Spirits Type:

Bitter aperitivo




Don Ciccio & Figli, Washington, DC


$38/750 ml

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This story appears in the print issue of Winter 2017.
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