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“Millennials aren’t concerned with seeing familiar labels; they just want to try something new and delicious,” says Shad Martin, the former wine director at Volo Restaurant and Wine Bar who opened Augusta Food and Wine in Chicago’s Lincoln Square neighborhood late last year. This excites him, as he can pack his shelves with esoteric, well-priced wines like the Jo Landron Atmospheres, a sparkling wine from France’s Muscadet, for $19, or a host of grignolino and schiava bottles, his current jam. Besides the hipster cred Martin’s selections buy him, they also make good business sense. Of the 125 labels he o ers, more than 40 sell for less than $20, leaving most of his clients enough change to pick up a La Boulangerie baguette, some cheese and salumi from Chicago’s own ’Nduja Artisans on their way out.

This review appears in the print edition of the June 2016 issue.
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