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A natural wine oasis comes to Park Circle, in what has been called the Brooklyn of North Charleston. Stems & Skins owners Matt Tunstall, formerly at Husk, and Justin Croxall, owner of Bull Street Gourmet & Market, specialize in what they refer to as “fresh and freaky ferments” in this intimate, cozy space. The eclectic wine list offers options for every mood: If it’s a Jura kind of night, drink the bright and zippy Domaine de la Pinte Trousseau. On a more earthy and old-school night, try Vigneti Massa’s Derthona or a Bernard Baudry Chinon. Or kick it new school with Teutonic Wine Company Pinot Noir. While the menu is minimal, given the comfortable custom-designed bar stools, the tunes spun on the record player and the addictively delicious small plates (try the anchovy butter on toasted bread from neighbor EVO), it’s easy to spend many an evening here.

This review appears in the print edition of the June 2016 issue.
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This story appears in the print issue of June 2016.
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