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In the heart of Porto’s historical center—a maze of medieval alleys, cobbled streets and baroque monuments—Prova has become a magnet for wine lovers. And Diogo Amado has become a player in the revival of Porto’s vibrant city center since he opened this chic narrow bar, the only wine bar in the area when he arrived in 2014. Put yourself in Amado’s hands to taste what he’s procured in the last week, as he’s the only one who knows where he’s stashed it. He may pull out the 1969 Colares Viúva Gomes Red, wildly earthy yet still bright in its cherry fruit (and remarkably affordable), or the lemony, mineral Vale de Capucha Arinto. Both pair beautifully with Prova’s cheese and charcuterie platter, as well as with the popular empada de frango, a chicken pie. Often there’s live music and, late in the evening, impromptu tastings with local winemakers. Prova is renowned for its informality and friendly atmosphere, so don’t hesitate to join the wine geek festivities.

This review appears in the print edition of the August 2017 issue.
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This story appears in the print issue of August 2017.
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