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Boston: Zuzu’s Petals

Photo Credit: Nick Liden

Though advertised as a wine-and-dessert bar, Zuzu’s Petals feels more like the living room of a friend who happens to be a great baker, wine nerd and record collector. Cozy would be an understatement; trinkets fascinate and string lights illuminate, while the “cellphone-free” policy encourages diners to sink into their seats and get lost in conversation. Co-owner Alexandra Whisnant recommended a fruity cabernet franc from Domaine Les Grandes Vignes to pair with a rich slice of Sachertorte. A more savory spread of New England–sourced cheeses, selected by Whisnant’s partner, Bobby MacLean, is recommended to pair with Vini Sassara Chiaretto Ciaro from the Veneto or Ravines White Springs Riesling from New York’s Finger Lakes. Who knew disconnecting could taste so good?

204 Hampshire Street, Cambridge, MA

Dessert/ Wine Bar

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