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WSLA: All Time

Ashley Wells’s wine list at All Time in Los Feliz is hand-written and heavily annotated. (Photo courtesy of the restaurant)

As they put COVID behind them, Tyler and Ashley Wells added little flourishes to their bustling Los Feliz restaurant: They built out a deck with an outdoor bar and, in the center of the space, a filigreed greenhouse with a single candlelit table, a temple amidst the bustle. They’ve also annexed a tiny wood-paneled room next door, calling it the Wine Room, offering small bites at a communal table. Tyler’s seasonal menu remains one of the most market-driven in town, with roasts, ragùs, “big-assed” salads and often a whole roasted fish. Ashley’s wine list is still hand-written, still heavily annotated, and usually studded with wines from her friends and admirers, whether that’s Mikey Giugni’s Scar of the Sea chardonnays, Dani Rozman’s La Onda wines from Yuba City, or Cloud Hidden, the skin contact orange from Wavy Wine’s Jude Zasadzki and Eliot Kessel. 

All Time is part of our Top 30 LA List of 2023. Read the whole story here.

2040 Hillhurst Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90027


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