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The Met

The Met, the local nickname for the Metropolitan Grill, has been a downtown steakhouse legend since 1903. Past glass-enclosed cases of dry-aging meat, a fifty-foot black marble bar beckons. It holds a carefully selected list of a dozen Bourbons, reputed to include the city’s largest single-batch assortment, from Old Ezra Rare to Booker’s. “The nice thing about Bourbons is they have so much flavor and vary so much,” says Beverage Manager Daniel Minjares. Most of the Met’s guests take their Bourbon in a Maker’s Mark Manhattan – Minjares sells upwards of 250 a week at $10.95 each—but Minjares prefers his straight. “A porterhouse or a smoked ribeye goes so well with a nice, caramelized Bourbon,” he says.

820 Second Ave., Seattle, Washington


This story appears in the print issue of August 2010.
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