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The Delachaise

The Delachaise (Le Grande Comptoire) may nudge up against the well-known historic Garden District, but a trip inside the streamlined, vaguely streetcar-shaped building can be as compelling as stumbling upon Little Vietnam in eastern New Orleans, or taking a boudin tour of Cajun country. It opened last year with a wine-bar buzz, and while it does offer more interesting vintages by the glass than any other watering hole uptown, The Delachaise distinguishes itself with what may be the brainiest – and broadest—selection of beers, vintage ports, sherries and spirits in the city. That includes at least a dozen single-malts, many of them old enough to drive. Co-owner and bartender Evan Hayes serves up cocktails of every shape and size, he is most fond of a refreshing shake of Scotch, lemon and iced tea that he calls “a little bit country club.”

3442 St. Charles Ave., New Orleans, Louisiana

Bar & Grill


This story appears in the print issue of October 2008.
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