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Pedro Limão

Cozy and unassuming, Pedro Limão’s newest creation values friendship and conversation. With mismatched chairs, thick wooden-slatted tables and blues playing in the open kitchen, the atmosphere feels welcoming—especially when Limão’s wife, Catia, is by the door, greeting guests with a refreshing lemon-lime-mint infusion. As you peruse the menu, a plate of warm rye bread arrives with homemade butter and grassy local olive oil. Choose plates à la carte or go for the bargain-priced €9 tasting menu; recently, it included a juicy lamb chop on a silky mound of puréed chickpeas with cilantro, caramelized eggplant and onions, and a stunning poached egg nestled in a mushroom-infused mayonnaise. A ten-course seasonal tasting menu is also available at dinner for €32. The wine list is tight and eclectic, with finds such as Aphros Yakkos Grande Reserve, a biodynamic sparkling vinhão; aged Vinho Verde from Ponte de Lima; and Titular’s alfrocheiro from the Dão.

Rua do Morgado de Mateus 49, Porto, Portugal


This story appears in the print issue of August 2017.
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