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Lola‘s sleek space is conducive to a night of serious Tequila study, encouraged by 90-some selections lined up in alphabetical order, from a bracing Aficionado Plata to a Zaffarancho Reposado, along with añejos and after-dinner sips like Herradura’s Seleccion Suprema, or for the well-heeled, the Cuervo 1800 Colección, a $90 splurge. Before starting in on your agave exploration, however, call over the guacamole goddess to mash up some dip to your taste. It’s so addictive you may forget dinner, which would be a shame—chef Jamey Fader’s smoked duck taquitos are the best in town.

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is W&S’s editor at large and covers the wines of the Mediterranean and Central and Eastern Europe for the magazine.

This story appears in the print issue of April 2006.
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