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Liholiho Yacht Club

photo by Shannon McLean

Ryan Jasielum’s modest two-page wine list is perfect for Ravi Kapur’s wildly flavorful Hawaii-influenced menu. With dishes like a salad of marinated squid and crispy tripe, a big wine book would be more confusing than helpful. What is helpful is precise, intense wines, like the Luis Rodriguez Os Pasás white from Ribeiro and Château Pradeaux Bandol. Downstairs, Louie’s Gen-Gen Room is a hidden bar with its own tropicalia-themed cocktail list and bar snacks like kimchi cheese dip.

871 Sutter St., San Francisco, California

Chinese, Hawaiian, Japanese


Longtime senior editor at Wine & Spirits magazine, Luke now works for the Stanford Technology Ventures Program.

This story appears in the print issue of October 2019.
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