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photo by Oriana Koren

Kismet brought Sarah Hymanson and Sara Kramer from NYC to LA, where they’ve forged a fledgling Middle Eastern empire. Its flagship is this Los Feliz storefront, clean, brightly lit and loud, with gleaming tables. Go for a sprawling assortment of mezze plates or, if you’re ambitious, the joint’s signature dish, rabbit, served with pickles, greens, flatbread and sauces. Kae Whalen’s wine list is natty by nature; wines like Bobinet’s chenin, Les Gruches, have a high-acid through line to penetrate all of the menu’s offerings.
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Patrick J. Comiskey covers US wines for Wine & Spirits magazine, focusing on the Pacific Northwest, California’s Central Coast and New York’s Finger Lakes.

This story appears in the print issue of April 2019.
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