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At Charlie Bird, Robert Bohr, sommelier to the rich and famous, is a partner. And the wine list is comfortable, with a secret list somewhere if you ask (usually in the sommelier’s head). As you’d expect from Bohr, who often wears a pin that says “I Love Sulfur,” the selection leans towards the classics with an occasional accident Skál like Elisabetta Foradori’s Nosiola. ($80). Want a half bottle? Sure. All wines, great and small, are served up in beautiful Zalto glasses.

April 2017 Update: The cool kids come for the hip-hop playlist and a wine selection that allows for drinking well without spending a lot of money. And Masters of the Universe come for the other end of the list: Robert Bohr and his team of young-buck sommeliers have mined their wineworld connections for older bottles of Bandol, Burgundy and Barolo now in their prime. All of them go with the hearty fare on Ryan Hardy’s menu, sourced from farmers and fishermen within reach of Manhattan. —Joshua Greene

5 King St., New York, NY



This story appears in the print issue of April 2017.
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